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Game Mode Preferences

  • Game mode preferences (and map preferences) for matchmaking can be set by going to the Options menu > Gameplay > Matchmaking Preferences
    • Game Modes can be turned On or Off for Multiplayer and Terrorist Hunt
    • You will never be matched with a game mode that is set to Off.

Game Modes

Multiplayer (PVP)

  • TDM-Hostage
    • The hostage is in an unknown location within the area of operation.
    • Defenders hold the hostage until time expires, or eliminate the enemy team.
    • Attackers need to either neutralize the defending team, or rescue the hostage and bring them to the extraction point without being eliminated by the Defenders.
    • Keep in mind that if the hostage is killed, whichever team landed the fatal blow will immediately lose the round.
  • TDM-Secure Area
    • Attackers must locate the room housing the biohazard container and hold the position inside for at least 10 consecutive seconds.
    • Defenders must prevent the attackers from locking down the biohazard room by maintaining a presence within the same room.
    • The timer can be interrupted if any Defenders enter the room, Attackers must work to either eliminate them, or force the Defenders out of the room.
  • TDM-Bomb
    • Two bombs have been placed within the objective location.
    • Attackers must attempt to defuse one of the bombs by activating the defuser. Once activated, the defuser will take 45 seconds to disarm the bomb. The Attackers win the round if they can disarm one of the two bombs, or the enemy team is eliminated.
    • Defenders must prevent the Attackers from activating the defuser, or disable the defuser if it has already has been activated. The Defenders can also win the round if they eliminate the enemy team.

Coop / Lone Wolf (PVE)

  • Terrorist Hunt is a game mode playable in solo or cooperatively with up to four additional teammates.
  • Terrorist Hunt puts the player into hostile situations against a new threat into the world of Rainbow Six: the White Masks.
  • The game mixes and matches variables to create unique operations – from mode, map, and time of day to objective locations and one of many fortification presets.

  • Terrorist Hunt Classic
    • Your mission is to eliminate all enemies, the White Masks.
    • Three difficulty levels are available for you to choose: Normal, Hard and Realistic. In Normal difficulty there is no need to worry about time, but in Hard and Realistic, not only will you have more enemies up against you but you will also race against the clock.
  • Hostage Extraction
    • Much like the original, but with minor variations. The White Masks know that you are coming, and they are gunning for you. They will move to engage with the players during the preparation phase.
    • Rainbow’s objective is clear though, locate the hostage and eliminate any enemies that pursue you as move the hostage to the extraction point.
  • Protect Asset
    • You must prevent the White Masks from eliminating the asset at all costs. The enemies will attack in waves, allowing you the opportunity to reinforce your position between attacks.
    • Additionally, there is an ammo supply box available for you to restock your munitions. Keep in mind that it has a limited number of rounds, so use it sparingly!
  • Disarm Bombs
    • Multiple explosive devices have been detected in the area of operation. Speed is essential as you must disarm all of the explosives that are present before the timer runs out.
    • Once the defuser is activated, the Attackers will have to defend the defuser while it defuses the bomb, as waves of White Mask operatives descend on your location.


  • A series of solo sessions which will train you to the content and mechanics of Rainbow Six Siege (Gameplay, Operators, Destruction…).
  • Each of these training sessions can be played in Normal, Hard or Realistic difficulty levels.
  • The secondary objectives are designed to progressively become more difficult as you unlock each subsequent situation.
  • XP and renown is rewarded at the successful completion of each situation, enough can be gained for players to unlock their first operators.

Situation List

# Name Map Game Mode Player Position
1 CQB Basics Hereford Base Terrorist Hunt Classic Attacker
2 Suburban Extraction House Hostage Extraction Attacker
3 High Value Target Consulate Disarm Bombs Attacker
4 Tubular Assault Presidential Plane Terrorist Hunt Classic Attacker
5 Cold Zero Kanal Hostage Extraction Attacker
6 Asset Protection Hereford Base Protect Asset Defender
7 Neutralize Cell Oregon Hostage Extraction Attacker
8 No Intel Kafe Dostoyevsky Hostage Extraction Attacker
9 Improvise Defense Club House Protect Asset Defender
10 Heavily Fortified Chalet Hostage Extraction Attacker

  • Once all situations have been completed, access to an additional hidden situation will be unlocked which takes place in the Bartlett University map, this situation is played in coop mode with other players.
    • Completing this situation will unlock the Bartlett University Aug A2 Weapon Skin.