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Defender SAS Mute

Primary: MP5K
Secondary: P226 Mk 25
Unique Gadget: Signal Disrupter
Gadget 1: Nitro Cell
Gadget 2: Bulletproof Camera
Armor Rating:
Speed Rating:


Mute is focused on protecting a location by disrupting enemy gadgets. He has a medium armor class.
Unique Gadget: Signal Disrupter
Mute has a Signal Disrupter that prevents communications, such as remote detonations or the usage of drones in its range. He protects his team’s stronghold against breach charges and drones, rendering them useless as long as they are within the jamming device’s range. But Signal Disrupters have a limited range so use them wisely: place them in a barricaded doorframe to prevent a drone from entering a room or at the corner of a room to protect two walls instead of only one.


Image Name Damage Fire Rate Mobility Capacity
MP5K.png MP5K 31 800 45 30
M590A1.png M590A1 45 1 42 7
P226 Mk 25.png P226 Mk 25 53
45 (Suppressed)
1 50 15


Mute is one of the SAS Operators. His real name is Mark R. Chandar, and records show that he is a veteran of the British GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) unit. Born October 11th 1991 in the British city of York, he weighs 80kg and is 1.70m in stature. During Mute's career, his exceptional work as a signals intelligence specialist, has made him a valuable addition to Rainbow.

Tips & Tricks

Mute's unique gadget offers great protection against both Breach Charges and Drones. This unique gadget blocks the signal from remote controlled devices within a small radius, rendering the device useless as long as the device or the detonator remain within the radius. As the Signal Disrupter has a limited range of a few meters, they must be placed carefully and tactically to maximize their effect. It can stop Lions Unmanned Drone from spotting you

Examples of a good place to use the Signal Disrupter are near barricaded areas to prevent and possibly disable drones from entering a room. Be aware that skilled drone users can jump over the disrupter. Another good place to use Jamming Device would be at the bottom of a wall to prevent the detonation of breach charges. To maximize the use and effect of a single Signal Disrupter, placing one at the corner of the room will protect two walls instead of one.

Thatcher can throw his EMP grenades that, if within range, will destroy Mute's Signal Disrupter. The device can also be destroyed by Twitches Shock Drone if she manages to destroy it before it enters jamming range. So it is best to keep them hidden and out of sight of the attackers. Paired with the Deployable Shield, the Signal Disrupter can be become an annoyance as it allows the device to be placed in the open but with the cover of the Deployable Shield



  • Mute is the youngest of the original operators, at 24 years old. (2015)